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Enneagram 7 and 2 friendship

Enneagram 7 and 2 friendship

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Be a consistent and trustworthy friend Encourage them to see past their self doubt Be honest and direct with them Share you feelings and emotions with them Type Seven - The Enthusiast How to Relate to a Type 7 Join them on new adventures Be enthusiastic and positive when approaching difficult topics Have stimulating conversations with them.


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This Enneagram Compatibility Chart provides insights into the relationships between all 45 type combinations. For each Enneagram type combination, learn what a relationship looks like when it is in balance and when it starts to spiral downward. Click on each type combination in the Enneagram Compatibility Chart below to learn more.


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The two Enneagram Type 7 wings are Enneagram 7 Wing 6 (7w6) and Enneagram 7 Wing 8 (7w8). Knowing your wing will add more depth and clarity to your enneagram description. Enneagram 7 Wing 6. Type 6 is known as the "loyalist," and they&x27;re known for being responsible, cooperative, and self-reliant.

The Enneagram in combination with coaching can help you to be at your best. This process for transformation is a lifelong project. It takes intentionality, courage and dedication. But it is more than worth it. If you are finding a friendship or relationship challenges, you might want to invite them to do some Enneagram work separately and together.

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It means your type 4 trusts you that you won&x27;t let them down. It&x27;s also a big sign that this type 4 is in love with you. An enneagram 4 in love will be vulnerable with their partners. 2. They Are More Expressive. Unlike other types that are less expressive when they are in love, type 4 lives for those expressive words.

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Values Shared by Enneagram Personality Types 2 & 7 Friendship is of the utmost importance to both of these personality types. Both tend to have positive dispositions that are geared toward making others feel good about themselves. Both try to make other people happy, even when they are in emotional pain themselves..

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However, Enneagram type 2 in relationships can get pretty intense to the point of being clingy, possessive, and even passive-aggressive. From their partner, they expect honesty, loyalty, and commitment. Type 3 The Achiever Enneagram Type 3 or the Achiever is energetic and goal-oriented.

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